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About 21 Oak

Edible Connecticut™: fresh and natural plant-based cuisine. preparing seasonal vegetarian and vegan meals using local ingredients. Focusing on nutritional,well balanced meals with distinct flavors coming through in clear vibrant tastes. Chef Shawn Dickensheets is a Certified Executive Chef through the American Culinary Federation.  He has been working in restaurants for over 35 years.  Before opening 21 OAK Chef Shawn developed his vegetarian and vegan palette through a series of spectacular pop-up dinners in the Manchester region that received rave reviews. This delicious food is now available on a daily basis for the whole community.

21 OAK's vision encompasses more than just nutritious and well balanced plant-based meals.  Green and sustainable business practices are part of that vision. 21 OAK seek to not only promote sustainable farming practices, but sustainable living practices as well.  All the cleaning products, the paper goods, and non-edible consumables are either 100% post consumer recycled material or are made from renewable and sustainable materials.  21 OAK and Chef Shawn are committed to improving the community and environment we live in.

21 OAK supports local farmers and business' in the Connecticut region. Heirloom varieties picked at their freshest produce exquisite meals that are served in our modest surroundings with a focus on food, friends, and fellowship.

Plant-Based Nutrition

Whole food plant-based nutrition is a key focal point for how we approach the menu at 21 OAK.  Multiple studies show that a plant-based diet is the key to improved health and getting ahead of a multitude of health issues.

For more information check out these books:

The China Study - T. Colin Campbell, Thomas M Campbell

A Plant Based Life - Micaela Cook Karlsen

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Forks over Knives

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there are many more...

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The Ultimate Guide to Plant Based Nutrition http://www.onegreenplanet.org/natural-health/plant-based-vegan-nutrition-guide/

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From the Press




Yelp.com  Review by Biota H

"I was so happy to see Executive Chef Shawn, who is vegetarian himself, redefine what it means to cook in a plant-based way".

Erin's Adventures, Blogger

"Whether you’re a vegetarian or meat-lover, the fresh ingredients, unlikely combinations, and gorgeous food presentation make this new restaurant definitely worth checking it out! You already know I’ll be back"…

Facebook Customer Review - Phil F

"The food here is unbelievable. Healthy, fresh, filling. Yeah and delicious too. You have to eat here".